Opening ourselves up to receive the good God already has planned for us. When done as intended, it increases our faith in our Creator, life and ourselves.


Day-dreaming in detail about your hearts desires.

Spiritual Tool Chest

Or perhaps, you don't feel confident in how to pray deeply from your heart, other than reading prayers already written or saying a quick line or two begging and beseeching God for help. Perhaps, you really want to deepen in prayer.  Or maybe, you have never felt deep faith and beliefs and would like to find out what all the hoopla is about.

One of the tools that you will learn is a structured way of praying  that has been used successfully for almost 100 years by hundreds of thousands of people, which will assist you in getting to that deep place of faith.  While I put my own spin on this unique way of praying to get you back to that place of deep faith or, perhaps to find it for the first time, I did not invent it. It is non-denominational and can be used by any one of any faith and adjusted to fit with your deepest beliefs. All prayer is great, especially when it is heartfelt and filled with belief. This type of prayer is just another very powerful tool in your spiritual tool chest.

Of importance is realizing that this form of prayer is not about trying to make God do anything……like we can make God do anything….REALLY???? LOL Are we are that powerful????? Instead, this is about treating our own consciousness so that we open up to the unlimited good that God has for all His/Her kids. If God is really all loving….unconditionally loving as we say we believe, how could God possibly withhold our good from us or send us pain? Is it possible that we are blocking God’s good with our false negative thoughts and beliefs?

Although this may all sound rather “airy-fairy”, when it is combined with action that is Divinely guided because we have asked for guidance, miraculous things happen in our lives as we manifest our heart’s desires. The amazing synchronicity that happens as events and people unexpectedly come into our lives is incredible. I can testify from my own life.

Many years ago, before I received my Spiritual Counseling License, a wonderful spiritual teacher of mine told me that praying was fun! Really?!?! You must be kidding!!!!

No way….it was not fun for me, it was work….something I had to do…but definitely not fun!!!!” Today my experience is totally different….I love to pray….really….and when for some reason I do not take the time to pray in this way, I wonder to myself, “Why do I rob myself of this gift of prayer that I give to myself”. And why I do say this? Because prayer brings me such joy and confidence and empowerment because of the connection I feel with this ‘Love Intelligence’ that I call God. Unfortunately, I cannot truly impress this upon you. Although I can teach you the tools to accomplish this, ultimately, this is something that can only be experienced for yourself. Our faith in God, in Life, in ourselves and in our dreams is the foundation for manifesting our dreams and a fabulous life. Additionally, I believe that the greatest thank you we can all give our Creator, is to live magnificent, joy filled lives so we may spread this joy and love to all we meet.


“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed,
you can move mountains!" 
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During meditation, asking questions of God regarding the Divine Vision for our projects.


Being still, quieting our minds so that we can feel, sense and hear the still quiet voice of God….so we can hear It’s wisdom and guidance.

                   Design Your Dream Life         

Why does it work?

Are you aware that when praying, what gets results is having faith that you feel & believe in deeply?It is the feeling tone of deep belief that gets results, not just words by themselves. But what about those times when you are facing a challenge and are just unable to find that place inside yourself?  You want to've believed before...however, now fear and doubt are running rampant and you feel unable to get back to that core belief that you had been so grounded in. Wouldn't it be great to have some tools in your prayer chest that would assist you in getting back to that deep faith easily and effortlessly?  A tool that really works!!!