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What is "Passionate Living by Design"?

"Life's a banquet, and most poor fools are starving to death!"

- Auntie Mame

                   Design Your Dream Life         

With my coaching, you will...

Passion comes from living our dreams and giving ourselves permission to be our authentic selves.  However, without a written plan with projects, strategies, time lines, accountability and tools to push through the inevitable obstacles that arise, the chances of success are small.

“Passionate Living by Design” goes beyond just having an accountability partnerin the form of a coach. It is a structured coaching program which has assisted thousands of people to live dream filled lives. Complete with workbook and processes to assist you in your journey of discovery and to track your progress.

  • Learn to  live a passion filled life, infused by manifesting and living your dreams!
  • Live your dreams... big or small, personal or professional.
  • Every week you will design and to complete at least one action step (a WOW) to  prove to yourself that you are more committed to your dreams than the status quo.
  • Reframe your limiting paradigms so you let go of what no longer serves you and create new ones.
  • Instead of resisting the doubter and critic within you that have made it hard to move forward on your dreams, you will learn how to incorporate them and use them in moving your dream forward. You will learn how tomake friends with your doubter and critic and use them to accomplish your goals.
  • In addition to setting up concrete projects and strategies to accomplish your dreams, you will also learn how to create a“Dream Team” to assist you in your endeavors.
  • I will personally walk you through every step to learn and embody the core principles to achieve success. This process and program, once learned, will be a valuable, life changing way of approaching and manifesting additional heart-felt dreams for​ the rest of your life!